Why We Love Stickers

Why We Love Stickers

Happy National Sticker Day!

We were looking back at our 2021 trends and discovered that stickers were our #1 best selling item after greeting cards, proving that the trend is quite literally sticking around.

We love stickers because they are one of those simple treasures that bring so much color, fun, and happiness to our every day. 

Not just for the kids, stickers remind us of our aspirations and motivations; express our interests, personalities, and beliefs; accessorize our everyday items; and help us to plan and organize our lives.

Whether you are decorating your bullet journal, displaying them on your water bottle, collecting them in a sticker book, adding them to snail mail, or just plain hoarding your favorites, stickers inspire creativity and bring happiness for all ages. 

Shop our sticker grab bags online or come visit us in store to pick out your own. 


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